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Our in-house training academy brings together the theory, practical and - above all - on-the-job guided-learning new entrants to the collections, call-centre or BPO space need to equip them for success.

We offer a range of accredited and non-accredited training, including short courses that speak to specific problem statements and challenges, as well as opportunities seen in call-centre spaces. Our courses cater for the full call-centre/ BPO journey, preparing employees for management and/ or leadership, and the complementary responsibilities these roles bring.

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More about our training

All IDA training is outcomes-based. It is designed to meet learners where they are at - taking into account their unique life experiences and learning styles. Learning support is also tailored to individuals, and includes coaching and mentoring - often with direct partner involvement. This ensures that learners are also able to find their way and meet the expectations of the organisations they work for, especially those who have not been formally employed before. 

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Johannesburg Office:

57 Third Avenue, Mayfair, 2092

T: 011 837 0366  |  F: 011 837 0716 

Boksburg Office:

77 Rietfontein Road, Boksburg, 1459 T: 010 035 0915  |  F: 086 694 1726 

Cape Town Office:

47 Strand Street, Cape Town, 7140

T: 021 202 3418  |  F: 086 694 1726  

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