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Our debt solutions have been custom-built based on our extensive experience in this space. This is where our business started – the direct foundation created by both of our founders.

Our approach is defined by our values and culture.

IDA Collection's key objective is always to help the individual at hand change their mindset, behaviour and response. We use the debt collection process to enable this – working to help transform them from a debtor into someone who saves and who could ultimately become an investor one day.  We move them from owing money to owning money.

Our debt collection process

Our litigation and debt recovery offering is ideal for the following sectors:






(incl. municipal & utility debts)


While we’re proud of our collection rates, we’re even prouder of the fact that we’ve been able to help over half a million individuals clear their debts over the past 10 years. Through this process, we have tried to assist them to take steps towards managing their money better and creating new – and brighter – debt-free futures.

All of this is done in partnership with you as a client.

We leverage our infrastructure; internal economies of scale and the age of the debt to reduce the overall cost of your book.


By acting timeously and advising you on appropriate options, we ensure we reduce the risk of writing off high levels of debt. We’re also determined to act in your best interest. You only pay if we collect.

Our omnichannel approach

Our debt collection services are built on our goal of creating a debt-free society that can discern between needs and wants, and make better informed choices.

  • We choose to manage and assist debtors rather than “collect bad debt”. By contacting debtors in person, in a way that is respectful and mindful, we seek to engage with them on your behalf. This means that we can help them manage their debt as soon as possible, and maintain your relationship with them wherever possible.

  • We always seek to create positive financial experiences around saving and budgeting through the process of debt collection. 

  • We only initiate the legal collection process where absolutely necessary. Our goal is always to maintain customer contact – encouraging repayment through calls, sms messages and emails.

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